Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday’s You: Review

While contemplating on how I should go about with this review, I realized the degree of my attachment to the movie. Partly because of the leads, Sota Fukushi and Nana Komatsu. The fact that both the leads were my favorites had me riled up before I had even noticed that name of the movie was unusually eye catching. When I did notice it, I tried imagining all the different plots a movie with such a name could have. Sure enough, I took the literal meaning of the title into consideration but later dismissed the idea as any normal person would have. Turns out they really did think up a plot that an average person wouldn’t even dream of.

So, the first half of the movie had the typical shoujo manga vibe which I didn’t really mind because of all the live actions I’ve watched so far. There were a few hints in the beginning that it was gonna be a little different than actual shoujo live actions; Emi (Nana Komatsu) was moved to tears by most of Takatoshi’s acts. The mature aura she had around her, quite different from Takatoshi who was still in the ‘just started dating’ phase. The more obvious hints were the ‘predictions’ she made.


When Takatoshi starts noticing the mystery surrounding Emi, he brings it up jokingly by asking her if she could see the future. Emi’s half serious-half joking answer leaves us just as confused as Takatoshi. Personally, Nana’s expression in this scene is one of my favorites. And Takatoshi’s reaction which clearly shows his dilemma whether to take it as a joke or accept the fact that his girlfriend can predict the future, makes the scene one to remember.


The mystery cloud clears up when we find the diary Emi leaves behind. Surely, we the viewers immediately understand what it means thanks to the movie title, but Takatoshi definitely needed an explanation. This is where the whole parallel world theory and science comes in. Basically, Emi is from another world where time flow in a direction opposite to Takatoshi’s world. The two worlds overlap in 5 year intervals due to the movement of the moon or so, and they can meet each other for about a month.


Yeah…it’s painful. We also learn that both of them had nearly died when they were five and were saved by each other’s older self. Too complicated? Well that’s how it is.

A few days after Takatoshi accepts the truth about the situation, he realizes that the Emi he was talking to had no memory of the moments they had shared. Upset by this fact, he lashes out at Emi but then later realizes that it was the same for Emi. She cried at random moments in the beginning because they were going to be her last moments with Takatoshi. This really tugged at my heartstrings.saigo.png


From that moment on, Takatoshi decides to just make the most out of the time they have left. The couple visit Takatoshi’s parents and the scene was simply heart warming. Finally when it’s Takatoshi’s last day and Emi’s first, he paints Emi’s portrait while Emi notes down all the details of what they had done in the past month; what she will be doing in the following days.

So far the events were through Takatoshi’s perspective but when they shift to Emi’s point of view, the concept of anti-parallel time flow is made more clear. It was tear jerking to witness Takatoshi getting further and further away from Emi while she had to endure it all with a smile on her face. And then comes this scene…


The movie ends with Emi’s last day, Takatoshi’s first. She gets on the train and the events proceed like it is supposed to.


The movie is definitely one of a kind and with both the actors’ wonderful portrayal of emotions, the movie turned out quite good. What are your thoughts?





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