Koi to Uso – Episode 1

To be honest, I JUST found out that Koi to Uso got an anime adaptation. Truly, I’m ashamed…what have I been doing!?

Now then, the first episode follows the manga real close, which is the case in most shoujo anime adaptations. They mention the Yukari Law and the government notice from the get go and then we are introduced to Nejima Yukari (Is he related to the Yukari Law I wonder…maybe that’s another plot twist XD). He’s in love with Misaki and doesn’t want to go along with the government’s system.


Of course, that’s totally normal! Even I think it’s ridiculous to enforce such a law just for steady birth rates. Like, what are they, robots?The government promises people life long partners they will actually be satisfied with, but as humans(or anime characters) I think it’s fine to fail a few times before you find THE ONE.


I really like this scene because of how pretty Misaki looks, and I like her mature aura too.

How Nejima came to like Misaki is another adorable story which goes way back to when they were elementary school kids. He lends her half an eraser and she thanks him…and then we see flowers all around. Cute huh?


But then Nejima realizes that he’ll be turning 16 soon and gets worried about his notice. The thing that bothered me here was that his parents were actually hyped up when talking about the notice. He’s just a kid, people! Why are they scaring him with marriage?


Anyway, Nejima feels the necessity to confess and calls Misaki out. Here we have quite a few cute scenes. Like this one with the Kofun…


And when Misaki finally reaches, he confesses.


But then she confesses that she had liked him for all those years too. Miracles like this rarely happen!


And then comes the government notice to ruin it! Well it seemed a little shady with all that static but then it gets even more confusing when the government employees show up with a different notice.


Quite obviously, Misaki gets all emotional and tries to stop their relationship from going forward.


The episode ends with Lilina Sanada being introduced to us. Certainly a devastating situation for Nejima and Misaki but well it’s only the beginning…



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