Soul Eater – The Final Episode

First, I wanna complain. Where is Maka’s mother!? Why doesn’t Spirit talk about why she left? I really want to know their back story! Are they just going to leave Maka’s dormant weapon abilities alone?


They’re not going to give us a sequel!? I want to know how they grow and if Soul becomes a Death-scythe! Is this really the end ?(T_T)

Coming back to the last episode… Maka, Black Star and Kid having entered the Kishin’s barrier face trouble while trying to defeat the Kishin. Obviously he’s much more stronger and bigger than them and regard them as nothing but insects. But during the battle, we get to see Black Star’s cool moves and incredible speed. Kid-kun suddenly powers up and becomes more like Shinigami while Soul and Maka try to win against the demon, the little ogre, inside Soul.


Maka and Soul eventually do manage to outsmart the demon and Soul eats him up. After that they charge ahead to beat the crap out of the Kishin but turns out they’re still no match for him, even with the Kishin Hunter scythe.


So what Maka had to do to defeat him turned out to be quite simple. Just like Crona said, Maka’s greatest strength is her will and her heart. Maka packs all her courage into her fists and blows away the Kishin with a single punch.


Okay, I know it ends with the Kishin defeated but really? That’s it!? Don’t you think there needs to be a continuation, with all the characters grown up or something? And with Maka’s mother in it!? Tell me what you think.


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