Tsuki ga Kirei – The translation for ‘I love you’

Tsuki ga Kirei has been gathering the attention of many anime critics and all that commotion about this anime by Studio Feel got me curious. Sure enough, I understood what the fuss was about once I watched it.5e0c49423652aca46e7eee9fac4a674f1489444708_full

This 12-episode anime was way more realistic than any other normal romance anime. The story talks of young love ( Love in middle-school is waaay too early! Or maybe I’m being old fashioned) and comes off as deep due to its down-to-earth, or rather, reality-like setting.

The story seems to progress at a terribly slow pace. The main characters Kotaro Azumi and Akane Mizuno don’t even exchange greeting properly until after the school sports day incident. At first, it seemed way too awkward and strange to me, who was used to the shoujo atmosphere (yup, the ‘doki doki’ , the ‘Oh! our eyes met!’ and stuff like that).

But the scene where Kotaro finally confesses to Akane, it was absolutely beautiful. Kotaro’s thoughts prior to the confession, were a perfect way to transition into the confession scene. I love the way they put in the explanation for the anime’s title there!


[Tsuki ga Kirei] Time Travelling Text Messages

Throughout the anime, one thing I found intriguing was their Line conversations. Sure there have been romance scenes that involved texting in many other anime series, but not to this extent. Furthermore, they’ve made it more convincing with chat stickers and outgoing (fast) replies.

Normally, both characters would go through an entire emotional battle before pressing the send button. Ah of course, I meant ‘Shoujo’ normal.

It is admirable to see both Kotaro and Akane encouraging each other to do what they like. They both openly express they’re annoyance or jealousy without suppressing it. That’s one of the crucial points in the story, at least I think it is. It literally shouts out, “This is how Life is!”.



A few more instances that highlight the anime’s realistic nature are when Kotaro gets told that he doesn’t have talent in writing serious novels. Kotaro’s attempt at getting into the same high school as Akane failing and Akane bursting into tears at the fact that Kotaru didn’t tell her about Chinatsu Nishio’s (Akane’s best friend) confession. This seriousness in the anime is what makes it different, in my opinion.

Oh yeah, there’s this too…

Altogether, I would say that I rather enjoyed this series. And the bonus picture at the end was the best way to end it.


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